Meet Taryn

I have been blessed with three energized boy’s named Jack, Max and Ben and now I have given birth to my new baby - BirthCoach. Come in and make yourself comfortable, I am looking forward to hearing your journey, sharing our intuitive wisdom and learning and growing together.

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About Calmbirth

Calmbirth® is a childbirth preparation programme developed by Peter Jackson a midwife with over 30 years experience, which acknowledges the amazing ability of a mother’s body to work as one with her unborn child to give birth. Calmbirth® was developed to educate and empower pregnant couples so that they may experience pregnancy, labour and childbirth with the tools necessary for the most positive outcome.

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Private Therapy

Birthcoach is about more than just childbirth, it is for any life problem you may be facing and don't know where to start. I can coach you over a series of sessions using NLP and Matrix Therapies.

NLP and Matrix Therapies® are a set of profound personal development and coaching tools that allow you to transform even the most stubborn and difficult problems, while getting measurable results within a specific time frame.

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Welcome to Birthcoach

Easy [ee-zee] adj : Free from pain, care or anxiety.

I have experienced three empowering calm birth’s free from pain and would love to share my knowledge with you so that you and your baby can experience life’s magical journey too.

What resources do you need in order to feel empowered and to believe that your body is designed to birth intuitively, fearlessly, calmly and confidently?

If you could have your ideal birth what would it be like?

What if you could remove negative emotions, beliefs and influences from the past and replace them with new wisdom and understanding for pregnancy, birth and beyond?

You have googled, binged, face booked and stumbled upon the right place.

"My specialty and passion is to empower you with the tools and inner resources needed to make change and move forward on the path to your ideal birth journey, gaining life skills and trusting the power within."