Sonia & Simon - Baby Ellyse
I was fortunate enough to take part in the calm birth course presented by Taryn McCready in January 2012. I was nearly 8 months pregnant and my increasing trepidation was eased by my experiences over the course. Taryn’s natural and warm approach certainly reduced any anxiety I had for my impending labour. It was wonderful to have my partner Simon with me to support me through all of the exercises, as it provided a special bond for us both in the lead up to the big event. I was so grateful to have been given some tools to call upon during the delivery and I know my husband felt more confident that he was going to be able to be supportive in the way I needed him to be, during labour. The birth of our beautiful little girl Ellyse was absolutely amazing. I enjoyed the experience and the wonder of it all, but I know that this was because I felt fully prepared. I have to thank Taryn for this. Her knowledge and ongoing support provided me with a sense of confidence and excitement about what was happening - I just let the journey unfold. I would recommend Taryn to anyone who is about to experience the joy of bringing a child into the world!

Allie & Oz - Baby Khalisah
Taryn, you changed the way I thought about the birthing process and helped me connect my mind (which was freaking out!) to my body (which knew exactly what to do) and my soul (which was calm and centered). You are right, babies are amazing and the connection between me and my daughter from the moment her downward journey began was intense and just incredible. With your guidance and the Calmbirth strategies, I was able to be present in each moment and flow with my bodies natural movements whilst my husband kept me calm, yet focused and determined. I did not have any drugs at all, including the gas, which both me and my husband believe is a key factor in producing our incredibly curious and alert, yet calm daughter.
From my husband Usman, my daughter Khalisah and myself, thank you for being such an inspiring and informative teacher of Calmbirth, for believing in the strategies and for believing in me.