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Laure Gazzola


Laure Gazzola

Is a trained Yoga teacher and also teaches Yin Yoga & Meditation. Laure’s classes bring an alignment focus to a fluid and dynamic flow, encouraging students to connect back with themselves. She teaches from a place of embodied experience, and has a love for speaking of the philosophy of yoga, energy and breath. Off the mat you can find her cooking, doing pottery or out in nature on one of her many adventures!

Byron Bay


Byron Bay
20 Oodgeroo gardens, Byron Bay, NSW 2481
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Jun 24 2021


10:00 am - 11:15 pm



Pre-Natal Yoga & Meditation Class (6 week pass $89)

Prenatal yoga sounds like a healthy practice to adopt during pregnancy – and it is. But what specifically can prenatal yoga do to help you feel great and stay calm during the most important nine months of your life? Read on for seven important ways yoga can make a positive difference in your pregnancy.

Supports Your Changing Body
“Our bodies are always changing,” says Jane Austin, a pre- and postnatal yoga teacher based in San Francisco and the founder of prenatal yoga school Mama Tree. But in pregnancy, the body experiences “an accelerated pace of change,” she says, and needs help adjusting and compensating. “Prenatal yoga practice is designed to support the changes that happen in a pregnant body,” Austin says, by offering women healthy, safe ways to stretch their muscles and strengthen their bodies – their lower bodies in particular – to ease the process of supporting a growing belly.

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Yoga & Meditation Pass 6 weeks ($89) $89/6-weeks

6 Week Pass - Yoga & Meditation

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